Abdul Rashid bin Abdul Razak








Membawa Kelapa
70 x 92cm
Oil on Canvas


Rashid says: "As a self-taught artist, I have never been to any art school, or college or university. First, because my old man couldn't afford it, and second because my grades in secondary school weren't all that great.

Apart from the lessons I got from my father who was also a painter, I learned from books, exhibitions, and discussions with fellow artists, some of whom were already established, others struggling to irk out a living like me.

Apart from painting as a primary source of income, I am keen also in other art forms. I observe our cultural values and the way we live. I see that those values are fast eroding from the onslaught of foreign cultures.

In painting portrait, likeness is crucial. That is what my struggle is all about.


1950 : Born - Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang
Education - Self-taught

1964 : Merit Prize,"Finding Out International"
sponsored by the London Royal Arts Society, London
1995 : 1st Prize in the competition "Painting the Potret of Mahsuri"
          sponsored by Tanamas Kraftangan Sdn. Bhd., Langkawi

Group Exhibitions
1975 : "Young Contemporary Talents", National Art Gallery
1979 : "15th Annual Show", Penang State Art Gallery
1993 : "Expressionist 93", Kedah State Art Gallery, Kedah
2000 : "First Show" Association of Penang Malay Artists, Foyer, Auditorium P.Ramlee, Penang
2003 : "Passionate Enough to Melt the Cold Heart", Museum and Art Gallery, Universiti Sains Malaysia


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