Ang Swee Hin (Penang)



      Ang Swee Hin alias Yew Sheng was born in the year 1925 in Lung Yen Village, Hokkien Province, China. He was greatly inspired by his uncle, the late Ang Chan Chiew, a famous artist in China who was also his teacher. He attended a private school in the Lung Yen Village and later studied at the Amoy Yniversity. Reputed to the one of the first Chinese brush painters in the country, his forte lies in landscape paintings, which have a mixture of the lignan style and what he calls
" Western adaptations " and of course his very own unique touch. His works which ranges from birds, red-crowned cranes, eagles to flowers and landscape drawings, seem to reflect an almost child-like curiosity in experimenting with different techniques. His paintings have been widely acclaimed in Taiwan by high-ranking Government Officials and University Professors. Some of his works are being displayed at the Tai Tong Art Gallery in Taiwan, and YMCA, Kuala Lumpur.
       He held one-man shows in Penang (1967), Ipoh (1968) and Singapore (1968) but also took part in local group exhibitions in Penang. His most recent one-man show was in March 1990 at Galeria, Penang. He is presently the chairman of the Artists Association,Penang. He is an instructor in Chinese painting in many institutions, including Y.W.C.A, R.A.A.F, U.S.M., Alliance Francaise de Penang and Teacher's Training College, Penang.

Statement by the artist
" My forte is in landscape painting. We can create a world of tranquility on paper and paint nature in such a way as to bring out the spirit, at the expense of appearance. What is truly beautiful should be appreciated through its inner vibrant beauty,and not painted just as it appears




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