Ang Ting Kean



Joy of Life  喜气洋洋
Chinese Ink
    45cm X 67cm  (2005)


Ang Ting Kean was born in China in the year 1947 and a year later came to settle down in Penang with her parents. As a child she enjoyed painting and the artistic environment she grew up in has helped to develop her inherent love of traditional Chinese brush paintings. Her father, a pioneer brush painters in Malaysia is instrumental in Tin Keanís artist development.

Her adaptation of the traditional Chinese painting and Western techniques has culminated in a unique-combination as can be seen in her works.

She is member of the Penang Artists Society. She has been invited to participate in International Women Artists Exhibition held at various important museums and state art galleries in Penang, KL, United Kingdom and Australia. Her solo exhibitions in the year 1988,2001, 2003, 2005, and 2006 were very successful and received good response from the public. 


翁丁健不仅续承传统泉源,更求艺术观念舆时代精神的适应,一方面博取西方技理, 中西和璧, 相互渗溶, 其画天趣自然, 作品紧紧扣人心扉, 是位清秀典雅的画家.



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