Emerged clean
Acrylic On Canvas
76cm X 76cm


Loke Hung Tho

Artist Statement
The desire to discover myself has led me to pursue a course in fine art. While working as an architectural draft person I joined a part time course in art and obtained a part time diploma in fine art. Following my graduation, I continued to join annual group art exhibitions when my work was appreciated and collected by individuals, my desire to venture more into art is enhanced. I am grateful to have the gifted ability to draw and paint. This ability to gather with art education received have brought me to a level of freely expressing with colours.

The observation at nature and appreciating its beauty has touched me greatly. Continue to learn from the greatest artist, the creator Jehovah enriched my life.



  Born 1952 in Perak Malaysia.  An interior designer by profession. Graduated Diploma in Fine Art at Conservatory of Fine Arts. Took part in many group show including "Bali Visted" Exhibition at CFA Gallery (1997), "Joy Of Art" at Cfa Gallery, Penang,  Her Presence in Colour-International Women Artist Exhibition in Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and Korea
(1999-  2006) , Penang Art Society Annual Exhibition (1997-2006) , Pesta Pulau Pinang (1997-2006 ).



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