Yoon Sook Fong

Artist Statement

Peace is a state of harmony and the opposite of war.

Peace can also describe a relationship between any parties characterized by respect, justice, and goodwill.

Peace can also mean a state of quiet or tranquility — an absence of disturbance or agitation.

As a member of INWAC, I feel very lucky to have opportunity to connect with women artist from variety background to promote women art around the world. Through art, we share our colorful cultures, ideas and lifestyle; a work of art can sometimes have greater impact than a million speeches. Art can bring people across today's tension-generating fault lines to reach a common understanding. Art is peculiarly fitted to act as a tool for peace.

As a woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunty, friend, let us build earth a peaceful place for our children.


成为INWAC会员后 ,我有机会和来自不同文化背景的女艺术家交流,一起拓展女性艺术。我们相信 一件艺术品的影响比千万遍的演讲更加具有震撼力。艺术有调适和平衡情绪的作用,可以帮助促进人与人之间的和谐关和平。因此艺术被称为和平之路。



Dream of Peace 和 平 梦
Acrylic On Canvas     122cm X 92cm     2007

  Born 1971in Penang, Malaysia. Studied Art  at Conservatory of Fine Arts. 1991-1993 pursued Diploma in Graphic Design at Malaysia Institute of Arts. Currently served as Art Director. Recipient of National Art Scholarship Competition 1990, Award winning Plus Certificate of Merit. Participated in many group exhibitions locally and abroad since 1987 including CFA Art & Design Show, Konsenih, P. Pinang (1987) , Penang Art Festival Art Camp, Konsenih, P. Pinang  Young Artists Water Colour Show, Penang State Art Gallery and (1988) , “Natural Malaysia” , Mayban, Kuala Lumpur (1991),  8x8 Water Colour Exhibition, Creative Art Center, National Art Gallery.( 1993)  and  - “Her Presence in Colors V”Penang Chapter at Pinang Gallery, Penang ( 2002) , Oil on Canvas at  CFA Gallery, Penang, New Year Parade, Friends of CFA Exhibition at Galeri Art Point, Penang (2003 ) ,  “Her Presence in Colors” Women Art in Asia, Galeri Adiwarna, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang  2003), “Her Presence in Colors VI- International Women Artists  Exhibition series in  Australia ( 2004) and Korea ( 2006) . Her works are in the Important Collection of Wan Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Sime Darby and Roots Marketing & Communications.

1971年,马来西亚槟城。就读于槟榔艺术学院。19911993 马来西亚艺术学院深造,平面设计专业文凭毕业。现任广告公司美术指导。曾获得马来西亚艺术学院全国艺术奖学金和奖状。曾参加国内外展览, 包括:CFA 艺术与设计展, 槟城槟榔艺术学院 (1987);  青年艺术家水彩画展, 槟州博物馆及艺术画廊 (1988)自然马来西亚, 马来西亚银行画廊, 吉隆坡 (1991); 8 x 8 水彩画画展, 地点: 马来西亚银行画廊, 吉隆坡 (1992),她的彩色空间 系列 V -世界女艺术家联展-, 槟城篇, 槟州博物馆画廊(2002),她的彩色空间 -亚洲女艺术家联展, 马来西亚理科大学 (2003),她的彩色空间 系列 -世界女艺术家联展 , 澳洲墨尔本,2004);母爱II,母亲节展览, 2006, 槟城艺梵画廊(2006); 她的彩色空间 系列 VII -世界女艺术家联展, 地点: 韩国大秋艺术中心 (2006);女人画女人艺术展 , 槟城艺梵画廊 (2007); “Artisit Fovourite“展览, , 地点: 槟州博物馆画廊 (2007)。重要收藏:吉隆坡Wan Gallery, Sime Darby, Roots Marketing & Communications, 世界母乳行动机构(WABA) 及国际高雅(Clara International)



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