Ch'ng Huck Theng (Penang)


1972 - Born in Penang, Malaysia

2003 - Chairman, Dreamz Foundation
2003 - Co-Founder, Treasurer, Art Group Penang.
2003 - Council Member, Penang Collectors Association

1994 - B,Com, Wollongong University, Nsw Australia
1995 - M.Com Wollongong University, Nsw Australia

2001-2002 -Penang Art Society Annual Exhibition
2001 -“Past & Present of Penang”, Lekuan Art Gallery
2001 -“A Farewell to Sia Boey Market”,
          Penang State Art Gallery/ NYFC
2002 -“International Chung Ling Artists Invitation Show”,
          BOD Chung Ling / Penang State Art Gallery
2003 -“Friends of CFA, Art Point Gallery, Penang
2003 - Penang Art Society 50th Anniversary Exhibition

2001 -The Surviving Pieces, One-East Marketing s/b
2001 -The Migrated Figurines, One-East Marketing s/b

At the age of 33, Ch'ng Huck Theng is the ypungest founder and member in ArtGrup Penang. Author of ' The Surviving Pieces' and ' The Migrating Figuriness', Ch'ng is one fortuitous artist in the story of Malaysian art. Trained under an Australian bush scenery artist, Alan Upton, in the mid 1990s, he believed that the canvas is the depository of his internal monologue by combining his love for antiques and art. Having exhibited in a few joint exhibitions with prominent Malaysian artists, he had his first solo in 2002 sponsored by Cartier in Penang and subsequently with Alliance Francaise de Penang two years later.

Ch'ng sees himself as a semi abstract conceptual artist who has a knack of using brush devices that are very simple yet still the mind and imagination with uniquely illustrated subject matter.



First In Aust     Oil     47x62cm     1995


Before The White Men
  Oil 41x31cm        1995


Hoping For The Best   Oil  
153x183cm   2002


What A View 183x153cm  Oil  2002


The Creator    Oil    153 x 175cm    2003

  Spring 92 x122cm  Oil  2002  

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