Chuk Mor (Penang)







Born in 1913 in Yang-Dang mountains, She Jiang, China, Dharma Master Chuk Mor, alias Yan-Dang Monk is the Chief Priest of the Triple Wisdom Hall,Pangkor Road. Penang. He graduated from the highest FU-Jian and HU-Bei Buddhism institution. However, he is equally well-known for his art, especially  his unique calligraphy which is highly admired by his contemporaries.

His early art education was under the guidance of the famous master, Gao Jianfu whom he met in Hong Kong. Later on, he was influenced by the Lingnan painting style. After embracing the Buddhist faith,he visited many renowned mountains and rivers and other scenic places where he available himself of the oppurtunity to excel in landscape painting.

He held his first painting and calligraphy exhibition in Hong Kong in 1941. Subsequent one-man shows were in Hong Kong (1953), Bangkok (1954) and Penang (1954). In 1955, together with a friend, he held a joint exhibition in Singapore to raise funds for a scholarship for Buddhist higher education in Singapore and Malaysia.

In 1957,he was invited to preach Buddhism in Hawaii. During this period, he organised many Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibitions to promote Chinese culture.The following year, he returned to Malaysia to set up the Malaysian Buddhism Association with the assistance of other Buddhist elders. Since then, he has been so busy with Buddhism and education that he hardly has time to practise painting and calligraphy. However, he managed to squeeze in some time to hold two exhibitions, one in Indonesia and other in Sydney. In 1984, he held another joint exhibition with a young artist at the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce building.

He had published several books on his works. In 1954, his 'Master Chuk Mor's Painting and Calligraphy Collection' was published followed by 'Master Chuk Mor's collection' in 1956. In 1984, to mark his passion in Chinese art, he published his third book, 'Zhuan-Shui-Xian's Painting and Calligaraphy Collection'.


Goddess of Mercy
Ink and Colour on rice paper


Summer Lotus
Ink and Colour on rice paper


Egrets And Lotus
Ink and Colour on rice paper

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