Lee Khoon Choy (Penang)



Artist Statement     
My career as a journalist politician and diplomat brought me round the world. Whenever I went, I would take time off to sketch the scenes that fascinated me. I would then go back and put my impression on rice paper. I am particularly interested in historical monuments- the Egyptian pyramids, the Mexican pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heavens, Angkor Wat, Borobudur, Temples in Kyoto and Nara and the artifacts of Huangguoso,Painting takes me away from everthing.I forget the world. It gives me that kind of satisfaction which money cannot buy. It is the pleasure of life.        





1974  - Bintang Bakti Utama (B.B.U), Meritorious Service Star
           given by President Suharto of Indonesia for distinguished
           services rendered in promoting relations between
           Indonesia and Singapore
1986 - Scholarly Achievement Award given by the Japan Institute
          of Oriental Philosophy for "Dedicated and Outstanding
          Achievements in the Research and Development of
          Eastern Philosophy, Thought and Culture".
1988 - O.D.S.M., Meritorious Diplomatic Services Star given by
          President Roh Tae-woo of the Republic of Korea for
          contribution towards promoting relations between Republic
          of Korea and Singapore
1991 - Best award by Singapore Government Distinguished
          Service Order (DUBC) Darjah Utama Bintang Cemerlang
1997 - Honorary Academic member (Beijing, PRC) awarded by
          the Chinese National Academy of Social Sciences of
          People Republic of China for contributions made in the field
          of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Public Collections
President of Sogo, Mr. Mizushina
Japanese Ambassador to Singapore, Mr.Miyake
President of Japan Airline Trading Co., Mr. Hashizumi
Serji Takayama
President of Kaneko Pearls, Mr. Kaneko
Fuji Art Museum, Japan
Inperial Hotel ( Kamikochi ), Japan
Hotel New Nagasaki, Nagasaki, Japan


    Pyramid of Gize
Chinese Ink     62x92cm    1969

Japaanese Dancing    Chinese Ink    62x92cm   1985


Art Education

1941    - Chung Ling High School (Senior Middle
               Third), Penang, Malaysia
1950    - Awarded Diploma in Journalism,
               London Polytechnic
1968-88 - Ambassador to Egypt, Pakistan,
               Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Republic of
               Indonesia, Japan and Republic of

Solo Exhibitions
1974  - Scenes of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
1987  - Tokyo, Japan
1987  - Osaka, Japan
1988  - World Sceneries and History Monuments,
             Fuji Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibitions
1987  - Asian Artists Combined Exhibition,
             Tokyo, Japan
1988  - Singapore Artists Art Exhibition,
             Sapporo, Japan



 Angkor Wat, Cambodia 
Chinese Ink and Water Colour  62 x 92 cm    1963

  Potala Palace, Tibet       Chinese Ink       62x92cm  

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