Tan Guan Hin (Penang)




Statement by the artist
"My work combines the essence of Western painting and the abstraction of Oriental calligraphy."


 Born in Penang in 1928, Tan Guan Hin is presently an art teacher in Taiping,Perak. He studied at Chung Ling High School,Penang and later graduated from Taiwan Normal University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1961. His preferred medium is arcylic on paper, although he uses mixed media as well, a mixture of watercolour and arcylic or a mixture of acrylic and Chinese ink.

        The style of painting he employs is known as 'liu lu' (a natural expression of the inner feelings). His strokes are a dramatic combination of Arabic calligraphy and European watercolour techniques. However, other than abstracts, he paints animals realistically, excelling in tigers, lions, birds and cats.

        He held numerous one-man exhibitions in United Kingdom since 1980 viz. Kelvin Gallery, Glasgow (1980), Saltire Gallery, Edinburgh (1981), Ewan Mundy Fine Arts, Glasgow (1981),  Cambria  College  of  Art, Calisle  (1982), Glasgow School of Art (1983), Glasgow Art Centre (1983), Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Scotland (1983) Touring Exhibition -
Highland Region Galleries, Scotland (1984-85) and Harbour Arts Centre Irvine, Scotland (1985). He had his first local one-man show in Kuala Lumpur at Chin-Woo Art Gallery in 1986, and at Galeria,Penang in May 1990.

      He also participates actively in numerous group exhibitions in Malaysia, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States,including Euro-Art Centre, San Francisco in 1985 and 1986. He took part in Penang Festival 1986 and was included in the Penang Retrospective Artists Directory.

        His paintings are collected in Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, West Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, the United States of America and Phillippines. His work was featured in the Star Newspaper -Section 2 (20.2.1986) as well as Bulanan Chao Foon (1986).

Towards A New Life       Acrylic
Voices of Waves     Acrylic

The Flow Energy       Acrylic

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